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Just for Fun: Anyone analyze dreams on here?

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The long version....(my own interpretation)



Your belly is the beginning of everything. The reference to 'water breaking' is indicative of you allowing the beginning to start. You are mentally willing the beginning of a change in your life. It can be the beginning of a new life for someone else ie birth of a child. Or it can be the beginning of a new life for you.


You didn't appear with a big tummy, because you don't feel like this task is a burden. You welcome the change, and are ready to tackle it full force.


The 'breaking water' is about opportunities being laid before you and you welcoming the new path. Both exciting and scary, you know that once you start, you can't (or won't) turn back.



enjoy your new path!

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I like the other ideas..


If this were my dream I would look for what in my life I've been waiting for. Water breaking is a sign of change, that something is coming (and now it is inevitably coming soon) and that it's going to take a lot of hard work and probably some pain (stretchy pain though, not wound-pain) for it to come to completion. But the best thing to do is to breathe and think "open" thoughts... be open to the change, open to the pain, open to something totally new and beautiful.


At least that's how I'd see it if it were my dream.


What kind of "hits" are you getting? Have you found interpretations that have resonated for you?


:) Great dream!

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