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Sweet story about an outside teacher I have to share with someone!

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I took my middle dd to writing class today. It's the first of the month so I owed her money. I usually look at an old check to figure how much I owe but I was on the second check of the book. She was outside so I turned off the car and walked up the driveway. After writing the check, she and I started talking. We've known each other for years, became friends a few years ago and she's taught all three of my kids writing. And all three are taking a class from her now.


Then she said something like "I need to say something to you. I've wanted to for a while, but I didn't know how so I'm just going to say it." I'm wondering what my kids have done wrong? What am I doing wrong? It was just an ominous tone.


"(oldest) is such a pretty young lady and I hate to see her suffering with acne..." I cut her off right there and told her "(Oldest) is on accutane. She is just starting her 3rd month this week."


It's what she was "looking" for. She had been one of the first ones on accutane back in her 20's when it first came out and she wanted me to know there was help out there and not to be afraid of it if dh and I were worried about it. I thanked her for loving my kids.


It's just so sweet to me that she loves my kids enough to let me know about something like this. We talked a little more about how it gets worse before it gets better and how I am seeing that it is a little better already. We talked about the dry skin she got and that oldest is getting now. Then I got to thinking, it's past time for class to start! So I started walking down the drive. I think she may have been happy to talk for a while longer.


And I can't tell dd. I don't want her to think teacher is noticing it that much.

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