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I feel so happy inside! - How to pull this off?

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So, today, I stuck my hand in my coat pocket (a coat I hadn't worn in awhile) and found a $10 bill. The kids and I decided that for our week 2 RAOK we would buy the homeless man that stands next to the interstate off ramp a package of warm socks, some cookies, and juice. So, off we went in Walmart with our $10 in hand.


The socks, cookies, and juice are in my van just waiting to be delivered. I feel so happy to be able to do something for somebody else after all the kindness I've received this year. The kids are very excited too.


Anyway.....my question is this, how in the world do I deliver? There really isn't any place to pull over next to him (and I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable doing that alone with my kids anyway). Do, I just pull up next to him and hope for a red light to give me time to roll down my window and hand him the items? Should I package them in some fun (and very cheap) way?


Did I mention I'm so excited?? :)

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What about a gift bag? I would roll down the window and hand it to him with a gift tag attached. I would enclose a note or something that lets him know you were thinking especially of him.


The note is exactly what I want to do.....I wish I was better at wording such things.

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"My kids and I see you here so often, and we wanted to do some small kindness for you. God bless you."


(You can also include a snack of some sort, like maybe some muffins or a loaf of banana bread or something that your kids bake with you.)


FWIW, I, too, have simply rolled down the window. I've also pulled off on the gravel pull out at times, if there is such available.

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