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Name suggestions for new kitten?

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We named ours Buttercup a few weeks ago. She's such a nut!


That's funny. One of the kittens we were looking at was named Butternut :)


Dd19 is compiling a list but so far she hasn't heard that ONE that just clicks. I told her she better name the kitten before we go to the vet on Tuesday. They would put No Name on the card and would call her Noname (no nah mee). :D

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Update: Dd19, after all the angst of naming her kitten, has decided to keep the name that the foster family chose, Emmy. It's a cute name but I really liked some of the other choices we had. I had a cat named Emma once and called her Emmy. I told my dd that I wouldn't be bothered with the name, but each time I hear it, I get a twinge. I'll have to get used to that name!

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