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Need self help, suggestions & anyone read Teacher Effectiveness Training?

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Has anyone read Teacher Effectiveness Training (same author as Parent Effectiveness Training)? I read P.E.T. years ago when my big kids were little. I can no longer remember the book or what I got out of it as its been a long time and I was on a kick of reading gentle discipline books. I couldn't say what I learned from which, lol.


I'm on about page 40. The author's tone 'could' possibly be seen as slightly condescending, but I'm not taking it that way. So far I like the message. It has reminded me that I'm human and I will never be what I see as an ideal teacher. We often set ourselves up to feel like failures by expecting too much of ourselves. I do this not just in my role as a teacher, but as a mother as well.


When my big kids were younger and I hadn't had the little one yet homeschooling seemed easier. The kids were excited to do school, they enjoyed school, and their behaviors were easier for me to accept because of their ages. Now that they are 10 and 11, and I have a three year old as well, things seem a lot rougher. The big kids often have attitudes (not always). They no longer like most of school. They bicker enough for it to take away from our schooling. They will show displeasure at a subject they dislike in small ways, rolling eyes, sighing, frowning, etc. I don't enjoy teaching someone when they are having a negative attitude.


I've been having a hard time juggling the roles of mother, teacher, and housewife. I often feel the little one should have more of my time than she gets. I feel guilty and like I'm failing fairly often. I'm hoping to be able to work through some of the issues I'm having and adjust my attitude toward schooling and parenting. I want the joy back and I'm pretty sure the key to that lies within shifting something within myself. I'm just not entirely sure what?


I'm hoping this book will help with some of my issues. Does anyone have any parenting books or other books they could recommend to help me evaluate my life, my roles, my issues? I'm open to any suggestions, not just books. Things are not drastically terrible, we all have our health, we laugh and find joy together, etc, but all too often I'm feeling negative about dealing with their negativity. I know there is a good possibility I will be dealing with a lot in the future considering their ages. Being a teen can be tough and a lot of issues come up in that age. I want to be sure I have a good relationship with them and I'm not totally feeling it right now. I'd like to reverse this before permanent damage is done.

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Are you open to Christian ideas? The book "Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitude in You and Your Kids" by Turansky and Miller is excellent.


So is How to Really Love Your Child (same general time frame at PET material).


I found PET material good, better than average parenting stuff, but, like you, am not a fan of his tone.


Maybe Playful Parenting by Cohen?


I'd also look at the level of screen time, junk food, sleep, and routine. When my tone/family culture tanks, it is often related to that.


Do you live in Texas? You are exactly the type of client I wanted to serve when I started my Masters. ;)

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I'm open to any ideas. Thanks for the book suggestions, I'll check my library for them. I did read Playful Parenting years ago, but again I don't remember much. I find it really hard to find time to read these days, so it takes me ridiculously long to read a book, lol. I usually read at bedtime, but fall asleep shortly with book in hand!


I'll definitely take the time to pay attention to our screen time, junk food, sleep, and routine these next few days and evaluate if any changes could be beneficial there.


I'm in Ohio and thanks for the suggestions! :)

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