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dumb question-what is AP mean

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Look at the College Board website for more information. In theory, an AP class should be college level work. Many colleges give college adequate AP test scores. Some schools require a 3 or better (out of 5.) Others will only give credit for a score of 4 or 5. Anyone can take an AP test, which is arranged with a school offering the test. However, in order to call a class AP on a transcript, one must have the syllabus audited and approved by the College Board.

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With regards to CLEP, I'll just mention that the only place I've heard of that is on here. I think CLEP is more popular with homeschoolers than anywhere else. In all the college presentations I've been to (group presentations) I've heard AP and IB come up often. I've never once heard CLEP come up. I know on here I've heard of people promoting CLEP credits, but I dunno... I'm wary... and I definitely wouldn't consider it for med school wannabes.


AP (links given by others) is extremely common and becoming more popular among college bound students from what I've seen.


DE (Dual Enrollment) is another potential for college credit and outside grade confirmation. It's where a high school student enrolls in a community college or local 4 year college/university and the credits count for high school credit and possibly college credit (pending the college one eventually goes to).


Homeschoolers generally need outside confirmation of "mommy" grades. Many of us use one or more of the three above along with SAT/ACT scores (and sometimes SAT 2 tests) to get that confirmation for college applications. Depending on the selectivity level of the college, one might need more or less confirmation.

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