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How long will they have bad attitudes over this?

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I was trying to be lenient. It's been chaotic since moving, and school wasn't getting done. I talked to them several times about actually doing their school work and not taking every opportunity to take an hour long break. DH is a stickler for morning chores getting done and school started on time at 9am, whether I'm ready or not (because I often don't get to sleep until 4-5am because of sleep issues or toddler waking hourly). They know what they can do. They know how to do it.


Lately, they've taken advantage of the leniency and don't even start chores until after 10am. "Helping DD2" becomes an hour of not doing school. "Lunch time" is declared whether lunch is ready or not and becomes a two hour thing. One hour of computer has become 2, 3, 4 hours. Etc.


So, we made the computers unable to boot without a parent entering a pin. We made the Wii unable to be used without a pin by setting the games allowed at the lowest possible rating (all of our games are above that rating) and setting the internet controls (which makes the Netflix channel not work either). This makes it so I can't just say "sure" when I'm super busy and scatterbrained. I have to stop and enter the pin which gives me time to think about whether I even want them on it. It was either this to break the screens addiction, or toss them entirely.


I envy the families who actually play games together. Kids who learn to knit/crochet, sew, read books, go on walks, do an in-depth project, do things that are worthwhile. Our family will join them....today.


But first we have to get over the bad attitudes.

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We just bought the TV Allowance. Basically you plug the tv into it, close the box and lock it, and you plug the box into the wall. The tv cannot be turned on without a passcode and they can't unplug it from the box, because the box is locked. This way, it blocks anything that works w/ the tv too! Like the Wii or netflix. You can set up multiple codes, and program different passwords to allow so many hours per code, per week. We choose to just have a single code. Attitudes are much better around here, and if they don't get up to do what we ask, we turn it off, and they can't turn it back on.


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Well, our youngest solved part of our problems by breaking our Wii. She put two discs in it, a Gamecube game and a DVD so now it won't play any discs at all. We're down to nothing but Netflix for the TV since we don't get any broadcast channels.

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