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Kindle Fire Vs. Nook Color?

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I would go for the Kindle Fire, but only because I'm already an Amazon Prime member and a regular Amazon customer. I also have a regular e-ink Kindle so I've got my books in Kindle format.


If I didn't have a preference for one merchant over the other, I'm not sure how I'd decide. The Fire is cheaper isn't it? Can you get apps on the Nook Color? Does it have wifi? I'd compare the specs, and choose the one that has features that match my needs/wants.

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I have the Nook Color and I love it. It is going to be updated this month and I am really looking forward to being able to watch Netflix on it. On the other hand, I saw the Kindle Fire at Target. It is fast. It seemed faster than the Nook Color. I am hoping the update will make the Nook Color faster, but I don't know. I like the looks of the Nook Color better than the Kindle Fire, but still... I'm tempted.


I guess I am no help. :tongue_smilie:

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