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Spanish translation ?

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I beleive 'de nada' literally translates as 'it's nothing', but it's the Spanish equivalent of 'you're welcome'.


For example, someone might say, in English, 'It's so nice of you to babysit for me every week, thank you!' And you might respond 'Oh, it's nothing, really'. You're telling them that they're welcome, but just using different words.


So 'de nada' translated literally is 'it's nothing', but it means 'you're welcome'. Make sense? Like if you asked someone in Spanish 'What's that fuzzy on the carpet over there?', they wouldn't say 'de nada' to mean 'it's nothing'. They'd use a different Spanish phrase. I think. :D

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So what phrase actually means "your welcome"?


I don't have a problem with ds using de nada, but I'm thinking there are occassionally more formal situations where the more... strict?...curtesy is more appropriate?

You are okay with de nada. It is a different mentality. You Anglos are always all about propriety, about people being duly thankful to you, so you say stuff like "you are welcome", as though your favor was really a... FAVOR :lol:, but in cultures like Spanish or Italian, downplaying things is BIG so pretending there is nothing to BE thankful for is the way to go.

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