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X-POST Impulsive older child - what diagnosis am I looking for?

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Let's say that there is a teenager, who both parents often thought of as some level of ADD or ADHD... distractible, but who can focus and has no issues in highly structured settings such as sports or public school; but when given free time in a home setting seems to have as much understanding of cause and effect as a 2-year-old. What specifics or questions need to be directed towards a pediatrician?


Thanks for any thoughts or insight.

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Make a list of behaviors, not speculation or mind reading.


In other words, make a list like this:


Teen picked up book, put it down after 30 seconds.

Teen was given a list of chores, began and stopped after 2 minutes.

Teen watched 3 hours of TV on Wednesday.




Teen never settles down to read anything.

Teen does not do chores.

Teen wastes time.


The lack of consistency (not being the same in all settings) would me me wonder if the environment, rather than the child, is the problem. If he can do well in school or sports, he is able, developmentally, to function.

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Problems are with awareness and poor decision-making. In a structured setting, there is no need for individual decisions. Or at least, the decisions are narrow in scope. In a home setting with free time, the decisions made often lead to injury of self, others or property. There is no malice involved, this always revolves around loss of awareness due to intense nature of playing.

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