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What are your favorite subjects to teach?

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I'll start. I didn't do a poll because I'm not certain how to allow for clicking on more than one option.


I LOVE and ADORE teaching math and science. While I was always fairly talented in English grammar, writing, and literature, it doesn't hold any fascination for me. I tend to lean away from any kind of creative writing for the boys (though, certainly a well authored short story or poem gets pats on the head and mommy grins) and even more of the well, opinion/philosophical essay writing. I want research reports that turn into real research papers by the time they will graduate...expository, expository, expository writing. So, I guess this appeals to my science side. I'm sure it does. Even today though I love the classics, I almost never touch a piece of fiction. I read for information! :D Such a Geek! I've never met a biography of Einstein and ilk that I didn't want to scarf down in a single setting.


I enjoy teaching Latin though we rarely get any higher than Henle 2 before we embark upon a modern foreign language.


I sculpted out enough higher level work in the subject of archaeology and anthropology this year for ds to earn a high school credit. Though that is not generally a fascinating subject for me, I'm actually enjoying it because the "spark" that it has created in ds. He can't get enough of it. He's found a passion. Something of a science bent that appeals to his deep love of history.


Art History is KILLING ME! If any subject could ever bore me to tears, here it is. I'm tired of naked Greek statues, naked mythical paintings, discussing light, the political driving forces, religious thought....... oh my word...it's a painting, a sculpture, a whatever, look at it and MOVE ON! :lol: I'm a classical homeschooler and should pretend to care more, but honestly, I'm going through the motions, making assignments (letting my sil who majored in art grade his work), and trying to look reasonably engaged (as opposed to catatonic) when ds comes to me all excited with some insight. He wants another year of art history in 10th grade, it's going to take monster coffee and a bucket of dark chocolate to see me through this dreary time. (No offense to art people. I'm in awe that you can look at this stuff and make insightful conclusions about whole eras of history.)


So, what do you love? What's subject makes you run screaming into the night?



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In no particular order, I love teaching math, grammar, Latin and writing. Math is just enjoyable, grammar I find fascinating, Latin is a huge challenge for me and I love that, and writing...well, writing is wonderful because I am seeing such growth in both boys, and that's rewarding to me as their teacher.


My least faves are also art history, which is sad as my DH is a restorer and very, very knowledgeable about it. I think it's because my own education was so very poor in this area. Next year, we are going to try and add artists to our timeline and learn more about them as individuals. I have been trying to get DH to get more involved but he's just too busy.

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I find the subjects where I am learning alongside dd to be the most enjoyable. Sometimes I get giddy with delight when we're starting a new Latin lesson. I love world history as well.


Oddly, I don't really enjoy teaching music to my own child. We listen to things together, and I frequently toss in anecdotes about composers/performers when it's historically important or interesting. But teaching my dd the fundamentals of music seems strange and uncomfortable somehow.

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Right now I love art. We aren't doing art history this year, just Drawing with Children, and I sit and work right with them. Loving it. I was thinking that I need to get back to studying artists and different styles next year. But right now, I am just loving working on our skills.


I also love Latin right now. I am doing it in co-op. The group learning is fun and addictive. The kids are eating it up. My kids loved Prima at home last year, but this has been even better.


History still. We are in SOTW 4. I love reading the books that go along. We were recently on Einstein too, and I loved the biography I read. This weekend we will be writing our own opera after doing chapter 10 where an opera was performed at the Suez Canal opening. How can you not love fake opera singing and goofy piano playing while learning about history and music?


I like grammar, and phonics, etc. because I am good at it and it comes easily to my oldest too. I enjoy writing, she doesn't, so we are working on that. I dread it a little, because she locks up and gets easily frustrated with writing assignments, but that is part of my learning curve: learning how to teach her in a meaningful way.


I run screaming from science. Not my thing at all. We do it. It gets done. We read lots of books, do lots of experiments and write up lab reports. We do a science fair, but blah. Although certain aspects of it are more interesting to me than others. Currently we are in Chemistry, moving into physics. I find it a major bore!

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