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which globe?

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I want to get 3ds a new globe. the one we have was used, has a light - which is nice, but it's peeling. Since we use it more than I expected, I'll go head and but a new one and not feel guilty.


Opinions please from those who've used globes longer.


This topographical? that is fully rotational and 12".


or this night-light that is political, and also shows constellations? It's 8".


part of me is tempted to buy the preferred one, and then later buy the other one. what happens when you have one child long after the others. Or maybe the topographical, and buy an "observatory" for the media room where there are no windows.

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National Geographic makes good globes that seriously resist peeling and are simply visually appealing. NG is my favorite. Repogle is ok and offer some kind of free globe updates, but their topos do not stand up to heavy use. There is one other sort of expensive German brand but the name escapes me. I agree illuminated is great. If that's all you've ever had, you will miss the difference if you get a non-illum one.

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