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My mom's opinion of my looks

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Go in pigtails!



A Scout grandmother - age 75- brings her grandson to scouts sporting pigtails and braids! She has gray hair (very fluffy - I'm jealous) and bangs. She looks fabulous :D If I had the same texture of hair, I'd do the same :001_smile: but, alas, my hair is fine and thinning :glare:


Her personality matches the hairstyles - she is perky and fun.

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lol. I have long hair, too, and I love it. My mother thinks I'm too old for it, too. I am productive, I volunteer regularly in my community, own a business, homeschool a brilliant daughter, support a son in college, attend the crazy sports stuff my youngest takes part in, work hard at my fabulous 22 year marriage, maintain a home without any outside help, read books, run marathons, and cook dinner almost every stinking night. My mother doesn't approve of anything I do. She thinks I'm not active enough in the politics of her choice and haven't done enough to prepare for the future. :glare: I can't please her. I stopped trying and actually, mentally, pat her on the head when she talks so I can maintain my composure. I know she loves me. I'm not cutting my hair, either. :D

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I'm a bit challenged in the looks department. Oh, I don't send children away screaming or anything. But I am overweight and my hair is very fine. I have ALWAYS wanted long hair. ALWAYS. For the first time in probably 20 years, my health has been healthy enough to allow my hair to grow past my shoulders. In the past it wouldn't grow or would break easily. Anyway, I'm going to see my parents in a week. My mom will not like my hair. She likes my hair to be cut chin-length. It probably looks best that way. But I like my hair long even if it looks scraggly and not the most refined. Perhaps it has some kind of deeper meaning to me - maybe of youth and health! Anyway - should I cut my hair and please my 86 year old mother? Should I leave my hair the way I like it and brace myself and "smile and wave" even though the comments do wound me?


Do not cut your hair, and if she says anything rude, tell her that's rude and to please knock it the heck off.


My mom has been criticizing my choice of hairstyle for almost my entire life, since I dared to choose a different hairstyle than what she wanted for me (very short and layered like a boy) when I was nine. I put up with it for too long. Now when she dares to say anything about it I tell her, "I don't care what you think of my hair, Mom. Leave me alone about it. "

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