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Talk to me about Food Dehydrators...

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My husband would like a food dehydrator for Christmas. He would like to be able to make dehydrated meals to take on backpacking trips.


Can anyone recommend some good models? Or, steer me away from any models that have failed you?


Is there anything I should look for when doing research for this appliance?

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I've been researching dehydrators for a a while now (still "researching" since I haven't had the money to buy it yet). If you want to do anything more than an occasional batch of dried apples the consensus is you need to buy an Excalibur. The rounds ones are okay for occasional use but not for any serious quantities of food and if you are wanting backpack meals I would think you will want to make sure everything is really truly dried because on the trail is not when you want to find out something wasn't dried properly.


So get an excalibur. I've never had anyone recommend anything else.

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