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What for after Saxon 3? 5/4 or something completely different?

Sebastian (a lady)

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We've been a contented Saxon family for a number of years. Two oldest used Saxon K - 3, then did 6/5 through 8/7, then Algebra 1/2. Now they are using Art of Problem Solving Algebra. I really like and they really like AoPS.


Artichoke (my 4th grader) is just about finished with Saxon 3. He's bright but had far more early grade interuptions because of moves, so he's a little behind where his brothers were at that grade/age. He's also young for his grade and would be a third grader if he'd started in this state.


We were taking a little break from Saxon 3, because I didn't feel like he had his multiplication facts nailed down enough to go on to the lessons that were multiplication of a two digit number (ex. 37 x 8=). Our break was to work through the first chapter of the SMSG grade 3 book. He's been really enjoying this.


Today he asked if there was more SMSG to do, because he like it better. He said that it feels like he's really learning stuff instead of just "doing math problems". I'm not sure if this is because it's not spiraling, because it's dealing with early geometry (lines and angles) or because we've been giving a lot of focus to mastering stuff instead of just checking the boxes.


I've never pondered alternatives to Saxon before this year, because we'd been quite content with it (and the 95+% scores of the older kids didn't make me feel like I needed to seek out another option).


But I'm curious what folks would suggest as an alternative to going into Saxon 5/4.

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That is the stage where I went to Saxon 5/4 because we'd been jumping around so much that we were pretty full of holes. How is his multiplication now? Why not continue with what he is enjoying? My dd enjoyed doing the multiplication and division sections from MM dark blue and the geometry ones too - they were very different from what we normally do and the geometry gave her a chance to work with the math in context of something else. I currently have the RS Geometry sitting under my desk waiting for her to need a break in AOPS pre-algebra.

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