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Dr. Hive - Pain behind the knees in a kid...

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...growing pains? My 5yo has been complaining of pain in her "leg pits" for the last week or so. She's complained before, and I'd chalked it up to that, but the last week it has been consistent complaints. This morning she wouldn't even straighten her legs out without crying.


Is this typical of growing pains? FWIW, this is my 5yo who is fairly tall already. At her last appointment she was 37 pounds and 46 inches tall.


ETA: This past week she also complained of her tummy hurting and being cold and had a fever for the weekend.

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Both of my kids have complained of this once in a while from about ages 4-6. It didn't quite fit the typical description of growing pains. A friend's son also had the same thing.


It was a little worrisome for us, because we live in Lyme disease country, so we did screen for Lyme dz. One kid came back positive, the other negative, so I kinda doubt Lyme dz was causing the pain.


My younger one also developed a painless cyst (a popliteal cyst) on the back of one knee, which took forever to go away. She was also the one who tested positive for Lyme dz, so we did treat her for that. Because popliteal cyst is an unusual presentation of Lyme disease, our ped also sent us to an orthopedist. He said he wasn't concerned, and didn't want to image it unless it became inflamed (red, hot, or swollen). He thought the positive Lyme disease test was probably just a coincidence (meaning, yes, she'd been exposed to the organism that causes Lyme dz, but it probably wasn't the cause of her knee issue since she wasn't currently in pain).


Some viruses can cause post-viral arthritis, though I think the most common joints affected are the hips. Google it for more info. I'd put a call in to the ped's office too.

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my dd has had this for years. They always tell me it's growing pains. She is tall. She had a tick bite this year and did several Lyme tests but all came back negative so the pain was again chalked up to growing pains. She has no other symptoms other than occasional pain which we treat with kid motrin. I haven't felt led to get an image but I make a point every Dr visit to tell them about the pain so it's in the record I have asked about it so much.

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