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Has anyone sent their high school student abroad for a semester?

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DD the eldest (14 going on 15) is off abroad in January. It will start as a semester abroad, but we already have in mind a possibility of her staying and graduating in the foreign system, for multiple complicated reasons.


DD the middle (13 going on 14) will maybe be off in September, though that is not set in stone yet and there are two distinct opportunities for her she has been considering, and it is also vague as to whether it would be a short adventure abroad, or a permanent choice regarding schooling.


We are doing both exchanges / schooling abroad "privately", i.e. not via any agency. Our eldest daughter will be staying with our private family friends (who are technically extended family anyway), while our middle daughter, depending on which solution works out for her, will either be in a boarding school or have a similar living arrangement as our older daughter.


Eldest DD, who has finalized the process, took care of most of the bureaucracy herself (because I am mean and I told her that if she was old enough to be out there technically on her own, she was also old enough to take care of how to get there) - from legal issues / getting stamped all the forms necessary, grades transcriptions and translations, contacting schools, we only took care of the living arrangements and some minor insurance things (and, of course, the financial aspect).


I have no idea how it looks like if you go via an agency.

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