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If you were just starting out, what would you want/need?

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My sister and her fiance are moving into their first home. It's the first time either of them have been out from under their parents. So they need everything. For Christmas, I thought of putting them together a basket of things they may not think of....as well as some basics.


So far I have wash cloths, two pot holders, tweezers, nail clippers, scotch tape, a large cookie sheet, a utensil divider, a 20 pack of silverware, 4 bars of soap, 2 hand soap dispensers, a dipping spoon, a slotted spoon, a spatula, a pizza cutter, a fold-able hamper, a tube of toothpaste, and a set of measuring cups. Plus, a set of Rubbermaid containers in different sizes.


What are some things that they may not think of that they will need to set up house? Basic stuff where they will one day think "oops, I wish I had that!"

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Trying not to repeat PPs:


basic set of pots and pans

little trash cans for kitchen and bathrooms

little trash can bags

cleaning products, brushes, rags, sponges, mops, etc.

one of those kits with a million little screws, nails, picture hangers, thumbtacks, etc.

a small hammer and an interchangeable head screwdriver


duct tape

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Two kids just needed all the basics for first-time apartments: we had a blast at Ikea. So many basics, all good stuff, for starting out.


SO, my suggestions:

a big pack of toilet paper and one of paper towels

towels, sets of towels, packs of washcloths


Plain items, that can serve further purpose when they are able to get their own choice of things later.


You are very kind.


A luxury extra, would be some Christmas decorations. Some strings of Christmas lights go a long way as decorations.

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a kitchen timer


a tempered glass counter protector -- we received one as a wedding present and have used it daily


a stainless steel pot that can be used on the stove top and in the oven -- we bought this one recently from Cuisinart and are very happy with it. It goes from stove to oven and could also double as a table server for a salad.




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scotch tape

packing tape

hammer/nails (for hanging pictures)

a level (for hanging shelves)

toilet paper



cold tablets

pepto bismol

immodium AD

antacid tablets

measuring tape

measuring cups and bowls

AA batteries

extra keys

key/mail holder

kitchen notepads for grocery list and I love you notes

coffee filters

kitchen trash bags

aluminum foil

plastic wrap

food storage containers

a welcome mat

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One of our MUST haves is a smoke/fire detector and carbon monoxide detector. Often not thought of but as a firefighter for 10 years, dh said they never had a fatal house fire that had a WORKING smoke detector.




And scissors. I always need scissors. And batteries.


ETA: shower curtain liner and cheap hooks to make the shower usable until they can pick out what they really like.

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Kitchen scissors

Cotton balls


Basic tool kit (Ikea has a great one for 8 bucks)

Small sewing kit

First aid kit

Corkscrew/stemmed glassware


Nice dutch oven with lid (for oven, stove, serving)


Kitchen tongs

A heat n eat, pantry stable meal (like pasta and sauce)

Cutting board


ETA small kitchen fire extinguisher and big box of baking soda or salt. Someone will set something on fire.

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