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Family gift ideas?

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The first thing to pop into my mind is a gift basket with at theme.


Movie theme could have a family dvd with individual bags of popcorn, popcorn containers (I saw these at Walmart near the popcorn), few things of candy like M&Ms.


I am not creative enough for other themes. :)

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  • Makings for s'mores & a cord of firewood
  • Movie gift card or basket w/ dvd rental coupon, plus popcorn & drinks
  • Chocolate fondue (if you have a fondue pot to put it in), plus pound cake, pretzel sticks, fresh fruit, etc....
  • Restaurant gift card for a place you like but don't often go...
  • Board game or card game, along w/ a Starbucks gift card (so you can sip coffee &/or hot chocolate while playing)
  • Ice skating or roller skating passes
  • Lesson for something like a roping course, rock climbing, etc....
  • Game tokens & a pizza at a local video arcade
  • Ice cream parlor gift card + new gloves for everyone in the family, so you can enjoy ice cream in the winter, lol

Groupon might be a good place to find some 'family' deals at a cheaper price....

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