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Reading-AAR vs PAL


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I'm already looking for next year. I can't decide between these 2 programs. They are both new so it's been difficult to find reviews. Has anyone reviewed either or read helpful reviews?


We are using AAR Pre Level and really enjoy it. So, I thought about continuing on and getting Level 1. But PAL looks so fun and colorful and I like the idea of the games.


So, someone please give me some thoughts. I'm going to wait to order and hope some more reviews show up. But then I got an email about a discount on AAR until Dec 6th.


We'll go into PR for spelling when my son is ready but I don't use it for learning to read. And the boy wants to learn. He's doing great with letters and a few of the sounds.


Thoughts?? :confused:

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Hi Lexi,


I have three kids and a fourth coming around Christmas. My 6.75 yos learned to read with a few months of phonics pathways followed by SWR. We now use WRTR. He reads and spells really well.


I have a barely 5 yod and drooled over PAL before buying it a few weeks ago. We're five days into it, but I've read through the first thirty and prepped most of the games. She already knows her letter sounds but doesn't write.


I decided to make the change because I wanted something fun and happy. WRTR works wonders, but isn't exactly fun (unless you're my son and spelling is a joy to you). We like the games and all three of my kids participate to some extent. They are like reviewing flash cards, but it is much more fun in a game format.


There are sight words used to introduce phonograms. I have my daughter sound out the words in a WRTR-style and mark them up completely. Either way, they aren't fully sight worlds. I like how the phonograms are introduced and practiced in an integrated and fun way.


I feel like writing is overkill for her right now. I'm teaching her the letters and like the letter boxes, but I don't think I'll try to go beyond basic printing and copywork for at least a year!


I also liked the idea of working poetry in, which again integrates phonogram practice. We're keeping a family journal, too, which is sort of fun but of course can be done without a curriculum.


Do you need it? No. But dd is enjoying it, dd3 plays the first game with us every day, and ds6.75 likes listening in. If you want a program, you're willing to play games with your child, and you don't want to plan, I say go for it.



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