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Short a in Latin?


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The book (LfC) says short a's are pronounced like short a's in English, "a" as in "act." So "casa" is cahsah? :ack2:


I googled, then, & the first site I found said that a short a in Latin should sound like "ah" in "Dinah." (As opposed to a long a which is "a" as in "father," according to both sources.)


I could imagine Dinah & father to sound the same, maybe. I pronounce Dinah more like Dinuh, though. And I can't imagine saying "cuhsuh."


So if the short a is different from the long a...does casa sound the same in Latin as it does in Spanish? If so, how do you pronounce the long a? If not, how on earth do you say, "casa"?



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:bigear: here as well. We've been doing the ah as in father sound as well, because after learning Spanish and Italian, that's what came naturally to me. I'll be shocked if it's really not correct!


I just found this, for whatever it's worth:




Classical Method



As the long correspondence, but shorter. IPA [a], as in English aha! . English speakers should take care not to pronounce it as [æ], especially "at" in the last syllable!

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