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1st day trying Calvert

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I've mentioned how my 5th grade boy was hating homeschool (and letting everyone know about it) before, and today we started his first day using Calvert free through Texarkana ISD Virtual Academy. (that's a mouthful) Basically that school district in TX offers the full Calvert curriculum, with support, for free if you enroll in their school district. I decided to give it a try for my DS since he was so unhappy with our TWTM method. Putting him in public school isn't an option right now b/c we might be moving out of state sometime during the school year.


So today was our first day, and I am exhausted from getting acquainted with all their little details, papers, checkpoints, and books. We've worked from 8:30 to 3:30 with just a lunch break! Of course I was still trying to juggle my two other kids who aren't switching while fielding questions from the Calvert side. I'm exhausted but I'm hopeful that DS will feel he's getting a more rigorous day. This will certainly keep him busier longer.:lol:


Anyone else using Calvert right now? I asked about it last year when I was a true newbie and hadn't heard of most h/s options. Since it was offered free through the school district I figured I don't have anything to lose by trying it out. If it stinks, we still have all our materials we've been using the past couple of months.


I feel like I"m gaining real experience in homeschooling by trying out something different than TWTM rec's. Not sure what this post is about; just needed a group hug b/c I am one tuckered out mamma for some reason! Having all of last week off at my mom's probably has something to do with it :D

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My oldest son is in 5th grade Calvert and 6th grade math. I printed/hung up the suggested weekly schedule so my son can he how many lessons he has a week in a subject--gives him an overview and he can choose to double up and finish his assignments in a subject earlier if he wants.


We use online reinforcement: math games, spelling, check points, Brain Pop, grammar review videos by the Calvert School teachers, and links to museums,etc from the lesson manuals. When he's online I work with my younger two.


It helps to read the lesson manual the night before. I down load the manual and answer keys on my iPhone to free up the computer and keep me more mobile amid my three sons.


Often we read/do science, history, art history and art lessons,

literature stories/poems together. The topics seem to cycle nicely each year with more detail. They enjoy it and surprise me by how much they retain each year.

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Wow! I am currently reusing an old 5th grade Calvert course from 2002 and there is no mention of going online for any reinforcement. I am in the process of ordering a new 5th grade course but now I wonder if I would be happy with it. I'm not high tech at all.

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We use 6th grade Calvert with 7th grade math. I find the amount just right for my ds. I don't do a whole lot of the enrichment activities, however, unless they seem especially inspiring. We just stick to the lesson. Many times we'll learn something interesting and start doing our own enrichment activities. Today, we ran across something in Reading about the capacity of an arena in ancient Rome and that instigated a whole lot of googling about stadiums we are familiar with and their capacities. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of Calvert and we'll do it next year as well.



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There is always a learning curve with programs like that. It may get better. FWIW, I used Calvert privately, meaning I paid for it. We loved 2nd through 4th grades, but 5th grade was so not interesting. And when we used it, there was no online option at the time.


Our first online program was K12. Again, we used it privately and unlike Calvert, we were able to pick and choose grade levels and subjects. Then we moved to Keystone, which is our exclusive program now. It's just like traditional school where we have to get used to a teacher for a specific class. We begin every course very cautiously until we have a few graded assignments under the belt and then things come much easier.


Fwiw, I don't think I've ever seen an overwhelming acceptance of such programs on this board. That makes sense considering the basis for this board. However, I will admit that our homeschooling tremendously improved when we began using such programs. I believe you have to educate your child with what works best for your child.


:grouphug: Nothing is written in stone. I hope things smooth out for you soon!

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