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Dh & I doing the biggest loser at home - started today

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Call us crazy to be doing this over the holidays! We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner and its leftovers a lot, knowing that today we'd be starting our little contest. We both have about 30 lbs to lose.


We're following a plan that a friend gave us - she joined a center in town. She paid about $1100 to lose her weight. We don't have the funds for that, so she printed out the info for me....I know that's not legal, but I'm sure I could have found all of it on the internet somewhere. We don't buy foods, just eat our own.


Anyone else tackling this now or planning to after the New Year? How are you going about it?

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I think it's great! There's no better time to start changing old habits and trying to get healthier than today.


That was always one of my problems. I was always telling myself I would start tomorrow or Monday or something.


And not only will you lose, think of the weight you won"t have gained that you might have otherwise over the holidays.


Good luck to you both!!

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I'm getting back to it after New Year's...moving/building/finishing this house has really done a number on all of us. I need life to be a bit more settled (plus, I'd like to enjoy my birthday...lol).


So, for us... it's enjoy the holidays, and getting moved in, getting life more settled, back in routine, and then losing the rest of this weight. I'm looking forward to it.

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