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How much is gas where you live?

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Europe. I complained about gas prices until we moved and I realized they have it twice as bad. Until I start paying $10/gallon I won't grumble a bit. :)


In New Zealand we were paying the equivalent of about $6 per gallon. And now for the opposite extreme, In Qatar (an oil producing country) we pay less than $1 per gallon.

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Weekly, we drive 30 minutes to dd's TKD competition team practice and we take whichever vehicle needs gas because in that town they have the cents off promo for our grocery store. On Saturday we paid 3.68 with the eleven cents off. The gas used getting there would negate the savings but we are going there anyway, so we group a couple other errands as well.


If we have to fill up here the cheapest gas, which Dh refuses to use because it makes the cars run terribly & lowers the gas mileage, is $3.54.


Dh's work just moved even farther away from us. If he drives the car it takes him over an hour to get to work in the morning. Around here traffic is such that it really doesn't matter if he leaves anywhere between 6am-8:30am it takes that long. It is the same with the drive home. If he leaves work between 4pm-7pm it takes over an hour. If he rides the motorcycle it takes about 35 minutes. He is sad to see the wet winter weather arrive.


Amber in SJ

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I filled up at the N. Austin Costco on Research for $3.00 ... I'm usually not down that way, there's a station at 183 and Cypress Creek that is usually similar, or I do the Randall's discounts and pay a cent or two or three for the convenience.



I have been doing HEB's .11 off per gallon.

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