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My ds, 6, keeps saying....

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"Things look really far away," or "Things look really tiny all of a sudden."


He says it's not all the time, but it is happening more frequently. This has been going on for...not sure exactly, but longer than 2 weeks, anyway.


Anyone here have a child who's had a similar experience? Should I take him to the pediatrician? The eye doctor?


Actually, even as I type, I think I'll call his eye doctor tomorrow. But I am still curious whether anyone here has had a child with this kind of vision problem.



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Reminds me when my daughter said that life looked fuzzy and not like it does in the picture books... She happened to say this at the very time a large beam of light was passing through the room and lots of dust was seem flickering in the room, so I shrugged it off. Found out later that she definitely needed glasses.


Hope all goes well for your little one!

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I'd take him to an optometrist first, and if all appears normal, even consider a neurologist. Sudden changes in vision can be symptoms of a more serious problem. Not trying to be scary here, it could also be something like a migraine without the headache. It does warrant looking into carefully though.

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