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Poll...I need help with math decision!


What should I do about math??  

  1. 1. What should I do about math??

    • Purchase RightStart C
    • Try Math Mammoth
    • Keep going with MIF (Singapore type)
    • Use Activities for the AlAbacus and Card Games
    • Other

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Help me decide what to do about math...please!


We finished RS A and B.


Then I switched to Math In Focus (Singapore method). We went back to pick up 1st grade material not covered in RS and then began the 2nd grade level.


I own Math Mammoth.


I own RightStart Activities for the AlAbacus and Card Games.




RS was a terrific fit for child A (both boys are 7). He mastered the material, I love his mental math abilities, he enjoyed math, etc.


RS was not a great fit for child B. The biggest issue is he would "check out" mentally after about four problems. Warm up was all I got some days. The switch gears often in the same lesson didn't work well for him. He doesn't like games.


Math in Focus:

I think I've lost child A somewhat. He's not where he was in RS in mastery of material. It just doesn't fit him as well as RS and I don't think it's nearly as strong on the mental math.


Child B does well with the format and presentation of MIF. I still have an issue with the lack of mental math compared to RS presentation and pacing. I think I prefer RS.


Math Mammoth:

I tried it with child A. He was upset because it was "things he already knew". The presentation is too crowded/too much for child B I'm sure. Part of me thinks this might have the mental math I want along with the one topic at a time that works well for child B in Math in Focus. I could try to do a lot of whiteboard work with child B and just do chapter tests to place child A in the right spot perhaps? I may still "miss" what I saw as RS strengths in mental math.


I keep thinking maybe I could use Activities for the AlAbacus to get what I love about RS (mental math) without what I don't (switching gears within the same lesson). But I'm afraid I'll have gaps trying to piece together math.


I'm tempted to just buy RS C and try to make it work with child B this time around. I really love the basis we got from RS B and I feel what we're getting now isn't as solid. I hate to spend more math money though for something that I might regret!

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I'll tell you why I think you should stick with MM and try to make this work for you. IMO, it is the most FLEXIBLE. I have grades 1-6 and I'll tell you a little how I use it. I switched to SM for a short time, and back, and I've rethought my decision but I've vowed until next year to stick with MM and that is that LOL.


We skip quite a bit. There is a TON of mental math drill. I use a highlighter, and make boxes around the sections, or just the numbers I want DS to do. You can also use her extra worksheet maker to get the same type of problems but with fewer on a page. I use this for periodic review. DS also does not like very crowded pages, however as I stated I use a highlighter so he can really see how much/little he has to do. We do not always go page by page. IF you look at it as units rather than page by page it is SO much friendlier! I also give him the unit test if he is bored with the work or just feels he knows it well enough. I say "ok, you want to just take the test? 80% we move on, or we just see what part you may want to practice a little more." He does well with constructive criticism though, but so far he is 100% test average so when he says just give me the test he is usually right.


I don't know a thing about right start so I'm not sure what grade level MM you are working in. We are working in grade 3 right now. DS excels in math quickly and grasps concepts well so I actually skipped over much of the grade 2. I didn't bother with the 2nd grade multiplication, I just skipped in to the grade 3. We did a quick unit on basic shapes/geometry/measuring, but it covers to a better degree in grade 3. I look at 2 grades at a time, and sometimes combine the units from both grades for a more throrough study. Of course this does not always work, but once you teach mulitple digit addition and subtraction with regrouping or borrowing you can apply that to bigger numbers which is taught in the grade ahead. I don't know if that makes sense LOL.


One week we were just having math burnout so we skipped everything and I printed out all of the MM3 clock worksheets. We spent a full week on it and he is totally clock fluent to the minute rather quickly now. I keep one printout of the clock and have him just do 1 or 2 per day for review.


Not sure if this helps any. I think my point is since you already have MM, your child's only trouble is he already knows some of it, then just move on and skip around. You don't have to do everything and don't be afraid to print out a cumulative review and let him do that instead of daily work for a couple days. If he knows it all then that's enough! You don't want huge gaps but much of this early math builds on itself. If I would have sat around waiting for DS to have his basic addition down we'd STILL be there LOL. One day it just clicked though, and he no longer adds on his imaginary fingers.


ETA: I have heard good things about RS games but this is about the only curriculum I've never seen in front of me. We also use some living math books on the side.

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