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Christian Liberty Eclectic Readers?

Amy Jo

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If you purchased them, you can determine a Lexile score for passages using Lexile's site. http://www.lexile.com/analyzer/ You can compare to these scores http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=113647 or http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=137281 to get a rough idea, or you can also select other passages to score.

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I put in the following from the 2nd lesson of book D (about 1/3 of the lesson, D is lowest book I have):


The rabbits won the first battle by starving out the prairie-dog towns. The rabbits carried brush and covered the burrows of the prairie-dogs so that they could not get out. When the prairie-dogs were starving, they sent a rabbit they had captured to sue for peace, and used his white tail as a flag of truce. The rabbits had a council of war and agreed to terms of peace. So their general sent squads of rabbits and had the brush removed.


When the army of rabbits withdrew, some prairie-dogs, who were not very wise, began to make speeches, and after awhile the prairie-dogs thought that they had really made the rabbits remove the brush. As the pile of brush was very dry and the weather was very hot, a jackdaw, who had found something like a sun-glass, came along and set the brush on fire.


This fire drew a great many animals together, and the prairie-dogs made them believe that this was a bonfire in honor of their victory. But the woods were set on fire so that the owls and rattlesnakes were driven into the burrows of the prairie-dogs for safety. So a friendship sprung up among them, and they still live together in peace.


Lexile Measure 1110L

Mean Sentence Length 20.60

Mean Log Word Frequency 3.77

Word Count 206


Does that mean its a 6-8th (stretch band) or 9-10th (current band) text? (Scoring is here I think.) I think I'm doing something wrong. (After I know I'm doing this right I'll do a broader sampling of each book and post the results.)

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