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HOD and WWE and AAS


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We are using WWE 1 this year and like it. We are also using AAS. If we use HOD as well, we would end up with 3 sets of dictation to choose from. For those of you using HOD and WWE and/or AAS, which one are you using?


Does using WWE and HOD's writing get confusing? Is it possible to do both or is it too much work for the child?




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I use both and it's easy :D. There is a lot of redundancy and overlap between HOD's writing and WWE. Both resources use narration, copywork, and dictation.


WWE does summary work and unstudied dictation. HOD doesn't do summary work yet (we're in Bigger) and uses studied dictation. I prefer studied dictation but I apply the WWE skill of asking the child to hold the sentences in his head. So basically he studies the sentences, we discuss them, I repeat them 3x, he repeats it once, we review if he makes a mistake, then he writes. We use WWE2 on an accelerated pace, skipping the copywork, and writing the summaries from dictation (studied). So basically, with WWE we are trying to move quickly so I do two days in one. I skip the copywork. We do the narration and summary work. Then I have him write his summary after I help him refine it. I dictate the summary to him the studied dictation way. Occasionally, we also do a studied dictation off the HOD list in Preparing.


It's very hard for me to explain it clearly. I think it is something you have to figure out as you go with your student. You will begin to develop your own writing methodology and you will see how to mesh WWE and HOD together if you continue to desire that.


In my experience Bigger Hearts is not enough writing for a 9 year old 3rd grader. :001_smile: It is too easy for my son and so we are adding Writing Tales for him now.

ETA: I just want to mention that I don't want to cast Bigger in a negative light. The guide is well balanced and the extensions do offer more writing meat. My guy is on the oldest range for the guide and he needs more explicit writing instruction right now. This is a preference that I have. I think that Preparing's writing will be fine in 4th grade. We're kinda caught in the middle. :)

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