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First comment of visit... grrr ... :(

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My father and ESM (evil step mother) have only been here since 1ish this afternoon. They took the kids to the park, movies, and I joined them all for dinner.


Dd and ESM are playing speed (awesome card game rec. here!) and ESM spits out the first comment of the visit...


"All these things are great (my name), but they can do this kind of stuff after school. If they were in real school, they'd be at the top of their class." :glare:


The reason they're doing so well is BECAUSE they're home! She doesn't even know that ds is officially HS'ed and not doing a public cyber any more! LOL. She'd reallly have a fit. (none of her business, so no reason to tell)


They're leaving after breakfast tomorrow, so I'll survive, but it drives me nuts that she can't not comment.

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My family is pretty much all on board now but there were guests at the table on Thanksgiving and it came up, I forget how and the first thing they said, after a prolonged silence was.............................

"What about socialization?"



:lol::lol::lol: Couldn't help but laugh at this after I saw the ages of your dc (10 and 15) and that you've been hsing for 10 years. "Um, do my kids seem unsocialized to you?"

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