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Vet techs--using OTC pain reliever on a dog?

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Thanks so much. We don't have anything we can give him, but he just went out and seems less stiff. We need to get a better pad for him to lay on--sometimes he lays on the bare wood floor, and it makes it worse.

He does have padding in his kennel, and chose to go there after going out.


I really appreciate your quick responses.

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All of the above are bad, bad options.


Most are very toxic, several are fatal, aspirin toxic but less so.


In the 'old days' before dog-safe NSAIDs had been developed, vets used to prescribe aspirin. Now we know that in clinical studies 100% of dogs who received aspirin (a few doses, maybe a few days, I don't recall exactly) had GI bleeding / ulceration. Yes, that is 100%. It is absolutely NOT a responsible option.


As dogs age and develop arthritis, they often need pain medication either routinely or on an as-needed basis.


Your vet can prescribe a reasonably safe NSAID. Previcox, Metacam, Deramaxx, and Rimadyl are several reasonable options. There is generic Rimadyl (carprofen) available which is more affordable than other options.


DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG MEDICINE W/O VET'S OK. And, if you DO it anyways, for God's sake, inform your vet when you end up there, so they can know not to adminsiter medications that might exacerbate problems caused and/or interact poorly with what you've given. Also, if they know what you've done, they might be able to prevent and/or promptly treat problems (such as giving a GI protectant if you've given aspirin).

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