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Immediate Chihauhua help

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I have one for the next six hours. It was trembling so badly I gave it a nip of cheese. It is now not trembling, but barking continuously at me and the fridge.

I've never been alone with a yapper before. Help.

It is so tiny, I don't want to make it sick with food, and I have no dog food.

I suspect it is rather spoiled.

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I'm especially worried because it won't let me near it. I stupidly took off the leash because what dog doesn't run to the leash to go for walkies. I know these things have little bladders. If I can't get it back on the leash, how will I take it out?

Peanut butter might overcome his impression that I am El Diabla, although a devil with an hand that can open the fridge. :D

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It was only 4 hours, and after it decided I was Enemy #1 and barked and growled at me for 40 minutes, not even taking treats from me, is piteously simpered up to me begging to be picked up. I carried it about like a fussy baby ever after, or else we started the whole fright/run/bark/simper routine over again. Nothing like toileting with a squirmy dog in your good arm.


I can now underline "never" four times when I reiterate my life philosophy: I will never have a lap dog.

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That trembling thing is so common with little dogs, I can't stand it; they're like a tightly wound spring and I expect them at any moment to plant their teeth in my ankle or my hand...


I too, will only associate with dogs 50 pounds or greater, that are a little more secure in their universe :)


I'd just let it yap; it's probably not hungry, just being a yapper.

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