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Did my first Black Friday sale. Never again!

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I drove an hour and a half to the nearest 'store'. It was packed. Check out lines were horrendous and cashiers were overwhelmed with sales and coupons and errors. I waited in one line that didn't move for 15 minutes before I switched to the next line and was able to check out in about half and hour.

The line I was originally in had barely budged and a woman was livid because the cashier was trying to void her large purchase for a THIRD time and ring it up. Again.

My 'deals' were two Swarovski crystal pens for $20 each (is that even a deal???) and an XBOX game for my daughter for $10 off.

Sooooooooo, where are the ONLINE deals???

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Oh, ick :( :grouphug:


It feels like the Black Friday deals were not really deals at all this year. Is it just me? Or is it just that there's nothing we want so badly? I'm going to buy a Canon Rebel T2i, but Amazon has had every Black Friday "deal" I could find beaten by at least $40 for weeks, and I won't have to pay $50 in tax to boot!


I'll admit to being tempted by the "treasure hunt" mentality, but ultimately, I was too exhausted last night to even consider doing anything about it. I give you a lot of credit for sticking it out in the crowds!

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