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Poll: Do you cook the Friday after Thanksgiving?

Poll: Do you cook on the Friday after Thanksgiving?  

  1. 1. Poll: Do you cook on the Friday after Thanksgiving?

    • Yes, I make something with the Thanksgiving leftovers, like soup or a casserole.
    • Yes, I make something unrelated to Thanksgiving fool.
    • No, we just eat leftovers.
    • Other (please explain)

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This is for those who celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving.


A friend posted on facebook today about making lasagna, so I started wondering about it. I know they had dinner at their house yesterday, so that's not it. I guess some folks don't want the same food 2 days in a row.


We have always nibbled on leftovers the day after. It started years ago when I used to go Black Friday shopping (when stores still waited until daylight to open). No way was I going to cook after a day of shopping. We continue it because it's tradition, and because we like it.


What about you?

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I don't normally, but I am this year--just a quick baked pasta dish that is sort of like a cheater lasagna.


I voted "other" because as a rule, I don't normally do it.


I am also making turkey soup & baking bread. Both of those require more waiting than effort, and we are staying home today.


I might make some muffins later on since I have an abundance of ripe bananas. Just easy stuff.

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My dh and son really look forward to eating Thanksgiving leftovers Friday and Saturday. So I'm off the hook. We have turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, corn, rolls, and two kinds of pie left.


If I wanted to make something else for dinner tonight, I'd be on my own.



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Other. It depends.


We do Thanksgiving at family's house and sometimes we bring home leftovers and sometimes not. Some years I make a turkey breast to have for the weekend but today I feel tired of holiday food and will probably make something like chicken enchiladas.

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We eat leftover pie and a fresh breakfast casserole in the morning and then we have a busy day on the coast and go out for Chinese! The leftovers come out on Saturday with the Christmas lights for the house.


I usually make turkey soup on Sunday and freeze any extra turkey. We have a lost of left over mashed potatoes this year, so I am thinking about making a turkey, ham chowder.

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I have to because we never host Thanksgiving and never get to bring home enough leftovers to make it through a day! Fajitas tonight!


I usually do make a one-family-sized thanksgiving dinner later in the week because everything goes on sale and it is my favorite meal. Gotta have some leftover dressing and gravy! I freeze a lot of the turkey and make soup from the carcass. Jusrt i time for next weekend's insane schedule! ;) Christmas parties, programs etc. begin in earnest here Dec 1st!

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Well, we had Thanksgiving dinner at someone else's house yesterday, so leftovers are out.


We are cooking dinner tonight... we are making mashed potatoes, and we're going to grill some chicken breasts marinated in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. And I've got a bag of mixed frozen veggies that I'll throw in one of those microwave steam bags.

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I made another batch of rolls today, to go along with the leftovers, because we were running out. The boys keep eating them.


The baked goods are disappearing pretty darn fast around here too.


I made thirty-two rolls Wednesday evening, and am amazed I have three left. There were two pies Thursday morning and four lonely pieces of pumpkin pie this morning (That actually surprised me--thought it would be gone.).


I made two loaves of bread yesterday, and one is GONE and they've started on the second loaf. My oven is preheating right now for 24 banana muffins (I made 12 Thursday morning--two are left.).


I'm planning to make some more bread later, and if my motivation holds out, some cranberry muffins. I have cranberries left & everyone loves them. The 12 I made Wednesday are gone.

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