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Classical conv and science... NOEO or RS4K or ??


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We enjoyed doing anatomy this semester while doing anatomy at CC. This next semester they are doing six weeks of chemistry and six weeks of... I don't even know what to call it... theories of sceince? I don't really see the theories part as being a great jumping off point for a first grader, so I was considering just doing chemistry for a semester.


I've read a lot of great reviews for NOEO. However, it takes a year, which would mean not matching with CC in the fall because we will still be on chemistry. However, we would be set up perfectly to start NOEO physics with CC physics next spring.


I've also looked at Real Science 4 Kids. I think it should only take a semester... which would match better with CC. And, it's cheaper. It doesn't look near as nice as NOEO, though.


Another option would be to start the Apologia botany book now. Then we would still be on botany in the fall when CC starts botany. Any thoughts on how hard the Apologia book is for a first grader?


I've also considered pulling together my own chemistry for the spring. But, I mostly pulled together my own human body study... and I don't know if I really have the energy to do that again before January!

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I've used NOEO Physics 1 and am now using Bio 1. In both cases I found myself not doing everything in it, or just going through more quickly. I think it can easily be done in less than a year. Although it is not personally my favorite, the books are pretty appealing to younger kids and the experiments aren't bad.


If NOEO isn't your favorite, what is?

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