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??? about speakers for mp3 players . . .

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I'm new to digital music and I'm ready to dive in. Dh won an mp3 player in a drawing at work last week (inexpensive, last year's model, but still with pretty good online reviews.)


We've figured out how to download music and rip music from his favorite CDs.


I've seen those speaker docks in stores and they're pricy!


Can you buy those inexpensive little speakers instead? Not for sound quality, I know, but for times when you don't want earbuds in your ears or would like to share what you're listening to with your wife? :D


I know Ipods have special proprietary needs. This one is a Philips or Sylvania, I think.

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We found some at Target last year for the kids for Christmas for under $20. It just plugs into the headphone jack. Not great sound, but good enough for them to share music and dance around. Still working almost a year later. Look around at Target or Walmart, you'll find something that you like.

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