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Little Passports

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My son adores it. ADORES. It's a pretty small package of stuff each month, but he goes through it carefully, marks the country on his map (they mail it the first month) and learns a lot. He DOES like getting stuff in the mail, but I also think it's educational. That said, it's a wee bit pricey. Grandma is getting a renewal of his subscription for Christmas.

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I'm not all that thrilled with it. It's ok. Dd loves getting her package each month, though. Her favorite was China because she got a little tiger beanie baby type stuffed animal. Egypt was cool with the pyramid you chip away to find an artifact. England was a pain....because the toy was a double decker bus that I had to put together (I wanted her to do it, but I barely could do it). I'm still annoyed with the map. To me...it's just ok. I think it is waaaaayyyy over-priced. Our subscription will be ending soon and I don't think I'll renew.

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My son really enjoys getting things in the mail. He likes the stickers and passport.

I do beef it up a bit. I consider it a fun supplement to his geography studies. We do a "notebook" portion where I have him fill out a country notebook page. We use the atlas to talk about the currency, population numbers, religion and languages spoken. I have him do the computer part which doesn't take long but he prints out some of the maps and pictures for his notebook. We also try to make a meal from that country. He is excited about receiving England this month because we are having tea and scones.

For me it's worth it. He learns a little more about the countries he receives and we have fun with it.

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