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Great games for Christmas?

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Our current favorite is Ticket to Ride and our younger dd (7) loves Cranium Cadoo, Story Cubes, and Apple to Apples Jr.


We also like Set (we have different versions and like Set for Ipad best).


We've been having so much fun with Ticket to Ride -- I'm looking into expansion packs, etc.


I have a big list of possibilities for Christmas so I'll be watching this thread. The one that I had high hopes for is Dixit -- it's so-so but I don't like it like I thought I would. My personal favorite is Scrabble but I can't get anyone to play. If anyone has feedback on Solitaire Chess I'd appreciate hearing what you think.

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I forget how old your kids are. My 15-year-old says the Lego Heroica game actually looks pretty fun. Today we found out there is a Lord of the Rings card game!!! I'm planning to get that for ds and me. There's also a Civilization board game that looks cool.



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