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Camera question

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My dd(19) would like to replace her Nikon Coolpix with a more "professional" digital camera. She has taken a couple of photography classes and prefers something with a nice " hand feel." I think that means that something like the Coolpix is too insubstantial.


How is the Cannon Rebel? Any other suggestions?

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my son is heavy into photography and he has a canon. he says they are the best. he has an EOS 60 D. the only thing he doesn't like about it is that it has a plastic body and i think the next one up doesn't. he wouldn't have gotten it if he knew it was plastic and the company doesn't really advertise it either. they are pricey thought. he had to save for it. something about the service too was better on these cameras than other brands but can't remember the specifics. have fun!

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