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need water resistant/proof somewhat rugged camera rec

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dd's camera works but the view screen no longer works. She can't see the pics until she puts them on the computer. Based on the age and what you can get for that level of device today I don't think it's worth repairing. She bought the camera 5 years ago. I'd like to get her a new camera for Christmas. Her old camera got wet on a hike that ended in a rain shower. I don't feel she was careless, but I'd like to get her something more rugged so sh'm e can feel comfortable taking it on a hike,etc.


In the alternative, are there water resistance cases that might be good to consider with a regular camera.


I'm really hoping to find something less than $150, but I also need to find out if that price point is too low for anything worthwhile.



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I'm a klutz, and need a water/shock/dust-resistant, freezeproof camera. There's been numerous issues in the past! I have had my Fujifilm FinePixXP10 for a year, during which time it has faithfully served me. I got it for about 175CAD (so USD should be around or under your price point). My daughter (now 33mo) has used it, dropped it, slobbered over it, etc., and I've also dropped it more than a few times & left it in a car overnight on a -30C night. Still works wonderfully :)

If I had to purchase another camera right now, I'd replace w/ the same model in a heartbeat! :)

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