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Thankful Day 24

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And it all comes down to this...Thankful Day 24...Today I am thankful that the problems that I have are "first world problems" like the fact that there's nothing to watch on TV (when many don't even have electricity), my house is too small (when so many are homeless), there's no more peanut butter (when children in this world are starving), and that I can't decide which pictures to order from our photo shoot (when others can't afford paper to write on). Today I am made more aware of the fact that I am exceedingly blessed, and I hope as we begin the Christmas season, we remember those who are struggling and hurting and in desperate need of so much, including a Savior. Happy Thanksgiving! ♥




Sorry for the bold print. Copied and pasted from facebook. :D

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I am thankful that my dd31, who has been ill for 8 years, is practically a glowing picture of health today -- it's been baby steps all the way, and I am so thankful for the Lord's faithfulness, steadfastness, and for the fact that he has carried all of us the entire way.


I am also thankful that today was the FIRST thanksgiving day since we've moved into this house (three years ago) that we had SUNSHINE and pleasant temps. I have wanted to serve our thanksgiving dinner on our screened porch since we moved in and have never been able to: rain/cold, bitter cold/windy, rain/sleet. But, today, sunshine, and we ate on the porch. Now I KNOW the house will sell, because I was finally able to have Thanksgiving Dinner on the porch!:D

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Thanksgiving service and then over our house for dinner. They looked so happy together. My new dil is so pretty, radiant, and kind. I'm so thankful for her and also thankful we could be together for Thanksgiving along with three of our other sons. And our two oldest who couldn't be with us today have plans to be with friends so I'm thankful for that.

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