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digital camera help please

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I am wanting to buy a small, point and shoot digital camera with about 14 megapixels, and about a 5x zoom. I bought one on Amazon that had decent reviews and it seems to be a good camera except at night in our home when I look at the screen everything looks very yellow (from the artifical lights), the picture doesn't take that way, it actually turns out ok. My old camera never did that though. I can't decide if that will bother me or not...it does now, but I am not used to it. If I would get a differerent one, can someone recommend one for me...under $100 please. thanks.

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Guest submarines

I adore my camera. I've always had cannons, and loved them, but this one... I cried when I dropped for the first time. :lol:


I actually ended up dropping it 4 times. Once on hard floor. It is dented. It had sand in it. And it still works so well, and I love the photos it takes.


When DD dropped it for the 5th time and the battery flew out, and then I couldn't make it work...DH was about to give me the very same for Christmas. But then he fiddled with it, and it works! :D


FTR, I've had 4 various cameras over the last 10 years and I haven't dropped any of them even once! :confused:

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Another alternative to consider is a phone with a built-in camera. I was just reading an article yesterday in one of the tech publications I follow. It was talking about plummeting sales for P&S digital cameras because cell-phone cameras were reaching parity in image quality and features, and are a lot more convenient.


I don't own a phone with a camera, so I'm going by what others say, but I do know that when it came time to replace their P&S digital cameras a lot of my friends ended up buying a phone with a better camera instead.

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