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giving gifts cards....need idea...

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in the past whenever I have given gift cards, I usually just taped it to a candy bar, small box of candy, small toy....depending on the receiver. I just came across this idea of fillilng a pint canning jar with M&M's (or something similar, like jelly beans) and pushing the gift card inside the middle, sticking out the top just a little. Put a little fabric on the top, under the ring, and you have a cute gift with nice presentation.


Well, I have a SIL who has all sort of dietary problems. WE got her a gift card to her favorite store and I would like to gift it to her in this fashion, but the contents can't be food...any suggestions for me as to what I can use instead?


As a side, if you have any other great food ideas that I can use for other people, I am interested in that too. So far I have M&M's, peanuts, other holiday candy, and unpopped popcorn. thanks.

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decorative pebbles

small stones


colored glass


colored shredded paper filler (in gift wrap dept)


hair clips, ponytail holders


jewelry, beads, earrings

fuzzy socks




chocolate chips



ritz bitz crackers

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