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Thanksgiving SOS!

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I'm bringing a pie, veggie platter and dip, and green bean casserole to our gathering. It just dawned on me that I have no idea how I'm going to keep the green been casserole crunchy! The drive is a half hour and we're getting there a half hour before eating, so it's going to sit at least a hour. I'm not sure if I'll have use of the oven, so I had planned to bring it in a crock pot. Can I just add the french fried onions to the top of dish right before serving? Help!

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I would just do the onions on the top right before serving. They won't brown and crisp up more in the crock pot like they do in the oven, so it will actually be better to do it last minute. The other option is to call ahead amd see if you can cook it wuen you arrive. It just takes 30 minutes, if you have it mixed and ready to go.

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THat helps. I think I'm going to toast the french fried onions in the oven at home and then just mix them in and top with them before serving. I just found this review that gave me hope. It's an allrecipes almost 5star rating and was the top review (below). Crossing my fingers. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all my fellow homeschooling families! I would still love to hear from you if you've had success doing this in the crockpot. :tongue_smilie:


If I could give this 1000 stars, I would!!! This recipe is so fantastic. I made it differently, though... I didn't make mine in the oven, I made mine in the crock pot (a double batch fits well in a 3-quart cooker, if you have an army to feed! lol!) basically just mixing everything together (softening the cream of mushroom soup just for about 30 seconds in the micro to make it easier to stir.) I cooked it on low for about 3 hours, stirred it, and let simmer until I was ready for it. Then, right before serving, I stirred some of the FF Onions in with the beans, then sprinkled some on the top as well. I had a few people at Thanksgiving with an aversion to not only green bean casserole but to mushrooms as well, but they tried it and LOVED IT!!! I guess you could leave out the mushrooms if you have a lot of protesters! :) I WILL be making this again! I will try to add a bit more cheese next time, I like stuff very cheesy! Oh, I also used the "Real Bacon Bits" instead of frying up bacon and crumbling it myself (I'm a lazy cook, I look for shortcuts where I can, heh heh) and it tasted just wonderful! Turkey bacon might be good, too!!! Play around with it, have fun!

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