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Is this eyestrain? Allergies? Something else?

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There are nights (tonight, for example), when I am looking forward to going to bed and probably am going soon because my eyes feel so awful! They are tired to the point where I can identify with those old Warner Bros. cartoons where the character propped their eyelids up with toothpicks. The rest of me is not especially tired, but my eyes just feel like they're going to close of their own accord.


I have had corrected vision for years and years. I wear contacts most of the time but in the evening, I usually put on glasses instead. I have eye allergies and my contacts are very irritating.


So is the "eyes-are-going-to-collapse" feeling eyestrain of some sort? Or is that probably an effect of the allergies? Or something else?

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Dry eyes?

My 16 y.o. was recently advised by our eye doctor to use daily eye drops because she has a tendency to have dry eyes...whatever that means.

She has been using the drops and says she didn't even realize how tired her eyes seemed before because now they feel so much better.

She does wear contact lenses and switches to eyeglasses in the evenings.

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It's probably not this, but I'll throw it out on the table just in case. My college-aged daughter was having trouble with her eyes feeling irritated, and her contacts not seeming to correct her vision as well as they were before. We took her in to see an eye doctor, and turns out she had a condition where her eyes weren't getting enough oxygen anymore because of the contact wear. It has a name -- but I can't remember. My daughter had to go two months without wearing contacts AT ALL (doctor was very strict about this). After the two months, we had her eyes re-checked and they were back to normal again. She can now wear her contacts again and her eyes are fine.

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