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Casserole - Can we put in in the fridge before or after cooking it??

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We are doing Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the first time. My mother is preparing casserole dishes and just called. She said she has a broccoli cheese one and a sweet potato one. She just finished preparing the sweet potato one and is at the point in the recipe where it needs to go in the oven. She was wondering if she can leave it in the fridge now and cook it here. Or should she cook it now and reheat it here tomorrow???

What's the proper way to do it??? :confused:

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She can most likely put them in the fridge and cook them tomorrow. That will work with most recipes. She may want to cook it in the morning and re-heat at your house. You don't want to run out of oven space!


Thank you! That is what we were thinking. We're not too worried about oven space this time around. Dh is using the IR Fryer.

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