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Another Thanksgiving thread.....have you started cooking?

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I'm starting tomorrow.

My mom is doing the turkey/stuffing and the sweet potatoes plus a dessert.

I'm baking the pies tomorrow and starting on 2 of the side dishes.

I'll do the rolls and 2 more side dishes Thursday morning.

Wish me luck! This is only the 2nd time I've made yeast rolls from scratch. The first time they didn't rise. I know what I did wrong, so hopefully they will be perfect!

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Yup. I made the cinnamon rolls for our breakfast yesturday, and some cookies today (so nothing really major).


Tomorrow I'll be:

thawing the pumpkin pie and cinnamon rolls

brinning the turkey

making the jello salad

baking the bread rolls

prepping the sweet potatoes for the casserole (but not actually baking it)

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I made cheesy broccoli rice casserole and stock for gravy yesterday. Make-ahead mashed potatoes and sweet potato souffle today. Tomorrow: 3 pies and rolls and finish the gravy. Thursday: asparagus and salad. Dh will do the turkey. Rolls will brown at the last minute.

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I've made the cranberry sauce. I've got a ton of rolls in the freezer. I toasted the bread for the stuffing. I've made the roux for the gravy. Tomorrow I will make the stock for the gravy. I made and froze the crust for the apple pie (pumpkin pies are being brought by others) and also made the topping for the apple pie (I make french apple pies). I think that's all.

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