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Our Family's Legendary Sweet Potato Story -for BamaTanya (& anyone who needs a laugh)

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DD who is now 32 (Stacey) was about 20 or 21 at the time and she was going to make the Williamsburg Cookbook recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole. I had been making it for years, and I told her to just ask me and I would tell her what to do -- she was home from college for the holiday.


It's the daybefore Thanksgiving -- Stacey wants to get the potatoes started - and she grabs a potato peeler.


So, I tell her that the potatoes don't have to be peeled, because after they are cooked, the skins will come right off. This will save time, I explain. A little cold water, and the skins are off and you are onto the next part of the recipe.


I tell her to put about 15 sweet potatoes in a stock pot (her fiance's family's T-day crowd was rather large), make sure the potatoes are covered with water and put the lid on the pot.


I proceed to tell her that when the potatoes are finished, and the skins are off, she should use the hand mixer, and get everything whipped up. I make her a list of what she is to add.


I think that dh and I went out - we didn't have the little ones yet -- we came home, went to bed.


Thanksgiving morning, Stacey goes up to the kitchen (we lived at the beach and the house was upside down -- kitchen/living room/dining room were up and bedrooms were down). She is calling me, telling me that something is wrong. I get up and go upstairs and she is staring at the potatoes in the stock pot - which she has put in the sink.


'The skin won't come off the potatoes,' she says.


'That's ridiculous,' I answer. 'You put the potatoes in the pot, cover them with water, let them boil for about 45 minutes, turn off the heat, and let them sit over night. In the morning, the skins come off.'


She looks at me. :blink: 'They have to boil?' she asks.


I replied: 'You thought they only had to sit in a pot of water overnight and the skins would come off and they would be cooked?'


'Yes,' she said.


I went back to bed.

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My husband still remembers an "extra-crispy" pizza and seared on outside and completely raw on the inside steaks.


I worked at a steakhouse in graduate school. Steaks that are seared on the outside and completely raw on the inside are a preference of some people. I think they were called "Pittsburgh style." You were just giving dh a gourmet experience! Not everyone likes sushi, either. :tongue_smilie:

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