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Stomach woes (TMI)... post-antibiotics, on probiotics...

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I was on an antibiotic for 6 weeks (Lyme). I took a probiotic but not faithfully. While on it, I had diarrhea a few times but I never thought to link it to the antibiotic (or the probiotic). It happened whenever I'd eat salad.


Okay, so now I'm off the antibiotic (have been for about 3 weeks). I just went back on a high-power antibiotic (yeast issues). Today after I ate a salad, I had terrible stomach problems again.


Could the probiotic be causing this, or is it the residual affects of the antibiotic? Should I stay on the probiotic? I honestly don't fully understand all this gut stuff, and am hoping someone(s) on here know more than I do! TIA!

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Yes, stay on the probiotics. Also avoid yeast breads and sugar. What kind of probiotics are you taking and how much? I like these. I take two capsules in the morning and two at night so I'm getting a lot. Your body will just get rid of any excess so you don't have to worry about overdosing.


Those are the exact ones I'm taking! I'm only taking one at night, as per the container. Why do you take more?

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