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11yo boy Christmas

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I saw threads for girls...hopefully this isn't too much of a repeat.


He's not into legos. We're planning to let him see Star Wars, Spider Man, & read/see Harry Potter for the first time in the coming year.


He loves physics-based building toys--k'nex, magnetic marble thing, construx--things w/ movable parts. He likes to follow directions for building these things and coming up w/ his own ideas, BUT we've got 3 dc ages 4 & under, so avoiding small parts wouldn't be terrible. (Not necessary, either, though--he's got a safe place to play.)


What about outdoor things? He's more of a book guy than a sports guy, but he's still a boy, lol, likes to bike, etc.



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Haven't looked at the link yet, but Snap Circuits are a hit at my house. (my middle son is turning 11 in December).


You mentioned Harry Potter themed stuff in an earlier thread....did you get that sorted? (ha! sorted....sorry, no pun intended.....) Some of the side-line books that go along with it might be fun to keep the magic up since you plan to let him wait a year between books; there's a book about Quidditch, I think there's the Monster/Magical Creatures book, a few others.....my boys get a kick out of those and that might be a fun way to feed the HP stuff w/o caving in on the real books sooner than you like.


Some of the science sets from Home Training Tools? (Home Science Tools) Lots of fun stuff, not just school-ish stuff.


Have fun choosing...and now I'm going to explore the link posted.......

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My soon to be 11 yo DS has asked for Nerf guns and a Pokemon DVD. I'm also going to get him a watch as his old one is broken and he goes off playing with neighbour kids and I like him to check in at specific times.


DS12 has asked for a Kreo Transformers Optimus Prime and a gift certificate for i-Tunes/Apps.

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Dh already put snap circuits on the list--I'm glad to hear they've mostly been a hit.


We haven't sorted out the HP thing, but if we do that, it will probably be for his birthday anyway. (Early Jan)


You guys have great ideas, some of them confirming my...suspicion? Not sure what word to use... That he's at an age where the gifts need to change. And, unfortunately, that they're going to get (generally) more expensive. :glare:


Between Black Friday & relatives, though, I think it will be good, AND I'm excited to know what to look for. :001_smile: He had kind-of a dud year last year, & he was so great about it; I just want to make sure that doesn't happen again. :tongue_smilie:

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