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How to hire a mover -- tips?

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We're moving across the state in about a month. I've been trying to get quotes from moving companies. I'm looking into places that will do it all for me and places that will pack and load (and unload.) It's SO daunting. I didn't expect it to be this hard. Any tips? This is the first time we haven't had to do it completely on our own.

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We recently moved (twice in 5 weeks--ugh!--because our first rental had dangerous asbestos dust in the basement).


I called some local companies randomly and asked for an in-home estimate. I refused to deal with anyone who would not inspect my home and do so in a timely way.


I ended up with three quotes. One was a bit high, and the next two were comparable. One of the movers was really, really negative about how much stuff we have (we really, really DON'T, except for books, of course!) and full of suggestions for how we could make the move easier for the movers. He actually wanted us to have boxes carried down to the porch and ready to go so that the movers only had to put them on the truck. Ummmm . . . we're hiring movers because we do not want to carry boxes. The third mover who gave us a quote was much more professional. Even though his quote was higher than the negative guy's quote, we were happy to hire him.


We ended up hiring the third mover, and had a fabulous experience with them. When we found ourselves having to move again within a month, we hired the same movers and again had a really good experience. They felt sorry for our situation and offered us a "pain and suffering discount." :lol:


I am rambling a bit, but wanted to make the point that the in-home estimates really helped.


Another thing that impressed us about our mover was that this company does NOT hire day labor. Their movers had been with their company for a long time. I think part of what made the moves so smooth for us was that our movers had a ton of experience. Three of the guys on our team had been moving for between 10-19 years. The 19-year veteran was in his early fifties but looked waaaaay younger and was both really big/strong, and just incredible with how skilled he was in carrying various awkward items. It was kind of like watching a circus performance!



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